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Single-Crystalline GdB6 Nanowire Field Emitters

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posted on 28.09.2005, 00:00 by Han Zhang, Qi Zhang, Gongpu Zhao, Jie Tang, Otto Zhou, Lu−Chang Qin
Having the lowest work function in the rare-earth hexaboride family, GdB6 nanowires of rectangular cross-section with about 50 nm in lateral dimension and several microns in length have been successfully produced using a CVD method. The nanowires are grown in the 〈001〉 lattice direction, and both the tip-top and the side surfaces are terminated with the {100} lattice planes. A GdB6 single nanowire field emitter has also been built with an emission current of more than 150 nA at an applied field of less than 3.2 V/μm. The work function of the nanowire emitter was estimated to be about 1.5 eV.