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Simultaneous Multiple Wavelength Upconversion in a Core–Shell Nanoparticle for Enhanced Near Infrared Light Harvesting in a Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell

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posted on 22.10.2014, 00:00 by Chunze Yuan, Guanying Chen, Lin Li, Jossana A. Damasco, Zhijun Ning, Hui Xing, Tianmu Zhang, Licheng Sun, Hao Zeng, Alexander N. Cartwright, Paras N. Prasad, Hans Ågren
The efficiency of most photovoltaic devices is severely limited by near-infrared (NIR) transmission losses. To alleviate this limitation, a new type of colloidal upconversion nanoparticles (UCNPs), hexagonal core–shell-structured β-NaYbF4:Er3+(2%)/NaYF4:Nd3+(30%), is developed and explored in this work as an NIR energy relay material for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). These UCNPs are able to harvest light energy in multiple NIR regions, and subsequently convert the absorbed energy into visible light where the DSSCs strongly absorb. The NIR-insensitive DSSCs show compelling photocurrent increases through binary upconversion under NIR light illumination either at 785 or 980 nm, substantiating efficient energy relay by these UCNPs. The overall conversion efficiency of the DSSCs was improved with the introduction of UCNPs under simulated AM 1.5 solar irradiation.