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Simultaneous Immobilization of CO2 and H2S by Propargyl Amines under Mild Conditions: Efficient Synthesis of Thiazolidine-2-ones

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posted on 2022-01-11, 22:14 authored by Jiakai Wu, Rongting He, Siliu Cheng, Limin Han, Hailong Hong, Ning Zhu
A series of thiazolidine-2-one derivatives were synthesized by a three-component reaction of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and propargyl amines under mild conditions. The simultaneous incorporation of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide into the same organic product was realized. Moreover, a reaction mechanism was proposed based on the detailed NMR and FTIR study, which indicated that propargyl amine reacted with CO2 first to form carbamate, followed by O/S exchange with H2S to form thiocarbamate and the final cyclization of thiocarbamate to form thiazolidine-2-one.