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Simultaneous Detection of Glutathione and Hydrogen Polysulfides from Different Emission Channels

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posted on 03.11.2017, 00:00 by Wenqiang Chen, Xiuxiu Yue, Hui Zhang, Wenxiu Li, Liangliang Zhang, Qi Xiao, Chusheng Huang, Jiarong Sheng, Xiangzhi Song
Glutathione (GSH) and hydrogen polysulfides (H2Sn) play crucial roles in many physiological processes. To unravel the complicated interrelationship and cellular cross-talk between GSH and H2Sn, the development of single-molecule fluorescent probes that can selectively sense GSH and H2Sn simultaneously from different emission channels is highly desirable. In this report, we have developed the first dual-detection fluorescent probe, ACC-SePh, which responded to GSH with green fluorescence emission, whereas it reacted with H2Sn and emitted blue fluorescence. The probe exhibited excellent selectivity and sensitivity toward GSH and H2Sn over other common reactive sulfur species, such as Cys, Hcy and H2S. Importantly, we also demonstrated that ACC-SePh can be used for dual-channel imaging of endogenous GSH and H2Sn in living RAW264.7 cells.