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Silylium-Ion-Promoted Ring-Opening Hydrosilylation and Disilylation of Unactivated Cyclopropanes

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posted on 2020-01-17, 15:44 authored by Avijit Roy, Vittorio Bonetti, Guoqiang Wang, Qian Wu, Hendrik F. T. Klare, Martin Oestreich
A silylium-ion-promoted ring-opening hydrosilylation of unactivated cyclopropanes is reported. The reaction is facilitated by the γ-silicon effect, and the regioselectivity is influenced by various stabilizing effects on the carbenium-ion intermediates, including the β-silicon effect. The experimental observations are in accord with the computed reaction mechanism. The work also showcases the ability of silylium ions to isomerize cyclopropyl to allyl groups, and the resulting α-olefins engage in a silylium-ion-mediated disilylation with hexamethyldisilane.