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Silver(I) Cage and Infinite Chain Stabilized by Bowl-Shaped Resorcin[4]arene Tetraethynide Ligands

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posted on 2016-05-26, 17:07 authored by Xue Han, Shan-Shan Jin, Jian-Fang Ma, Jin Yang, Thomas C. W. Mak
We present a new family of Ag­(I) complexes bearing calixarene-based tetraethynide ligands, namely, [Ag12(L1)2­·(CH3CN)4­·(NO3)4]­·2H2O (1), [Ag4L1­·(AgCF3CO2)4­·(CH3OH)] (2), [Ag4L2·(AgCF3CO2)4]­·H2O (3), and [Ag4L3­·(AgCF3CO2)4]­·0.75CH3COCH3 (4), which were obtained from the reaction of newly synthesized tetraethynyl functionalized resorcin[4]­arenes with silver­(I) salts. Complex 1 features a 4/m assembly comprising a Ag12 cage sandwiched by two bowl-shaped resorcin[4]­arene tetraethynides, while 24 exhibit similar silver­(I) chain structures each stabilized by an alternate attachment of bowl-shaped resorcin[4]­arene tetraethynide units. This work provides the successful example of the use of calixarene-based ligands for the construction of multinuclear silver­(I)–ethynide supramolecular frameworks.