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Silica-Sheathed Pyrrotite Nanowires:  Synthesis and Mechanism

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posted on 16.06.2005, 00:00 authored by Hao-Xu Zhang, Jian-Ping Ge, Jin Wang, Zhe Wang, Da-Peng Yu, Ya-Dong Li
We have studied the growth of silica-sheathed 3C-Fe7S8 products on silicon substrates with FeCl2 and sulfur precursors at the temperature region of 600−800 °C. On the basis of the crystal structure of Fe7S8, we have proposed a model including the kinetic competition of the adsorption of silica species on Fe2−Fe3−Fe4 units at the 4Fe layer and on the Fe2−Fe3−Fe4−Fe5 units parallel to the c-axis. Using this model, we have not only explained all the experimental phenomena but also especially prepared Fe7S8 nanowires at 650 °C by introducing water into the reaction system.