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Silica Nanocapsules with Unusual Shapes Accessed by Simultaneous Growth of the Template and Silica Nanostructure

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posted on 2019-12-18, 21:07 authored by Chaoran Li, Jinpan Zhang, Shenghua Wang, Zhijie Zhu, Haiyan Li, Ao-Bo Xu, Yingying Yu, Xiao Wang, Jie Yao, Liwei Wang, Alexander A. Solovev, Le He
It is widely accepted that templated methods produce nanostructures whose morphologies are defined by preformed templates. Inspired by mutualism in biological systems, here we challenge this general impression by developing a mutual-template concept based on the simultaneous growth of template and target materials. This mutual-template strategy is not limited by preformed templates and enables the preparation of nanostructures with unusual morphologies. As a proof-of-concept, this strategy is demonstrated in the controlled growth of unusual silica nanocapsules with abundant morphologies, structures, and functionalities. We further demonstrate the postencapsulation of functional nanoparticles within the inner cavity of open-mouthed nanocapsules, providing a new model system of nanomotors for the fundamental understanding of motion mechanisms. This study paves the way for the preparation of nanostructures with unusual morphologies that are usually difficult to obtain, bringing new opportunities for applications in self-assembly, nanoreactors, nanomotors, and drug delivery.