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Shape Selective Synthesis of Unusual Nanobipyramids, Cubes, and Nanowires of RuO2:  SnO2

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posted on 2004-09-30, 00:00 authored by Niranjan S. Ramgir, Imtiaz S. Mulla, Kunjukrishna P. Vijayamohanan
RuO2 and SnO2 have a natural habitat of orthogonal/bitetragonal symmetry in the bulk form, which has not been found in the nanodimensions till date. A novel nanobipyramidal structure along with nanowires and cubes of tin oxide has been synthesized by employing RuO2 as a promoter/nucleating agent. The observation of nanobipyramidal structure in large quantity is striking, emphasizing the stability of these structures. The nanobipyramids are collected in the downstream where the temperature was between 200 and 500 oC, whereas nanowires and cubes are formed on the substrate containing the reaction mixture.