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Shape Dependent Synthesis and Field Emission Induced Rectification in Single ZnS Nanocrystals

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posted on 2014-05-28, 00:00 authored by Umamahesh Thupakula, Amit Dalui, Anupam Debangshi, Jayanta K. Bal, Gundam S. Kumar, Somobrata Acharya
We report on the synthesis of shape controlled ZnS nanocrystals designed into nanodots, nanorods, and nanowires retaining the same diameter and crystallographic phase. We used UHV scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy to study rectification behavior from single nanocrystals. The nanorod and nanowire show large tunneling current at the negative bias in comparison to the positive bias demonstrating current rectification, while the nanodot shows symmetric current–voltage behavior. We proposed a tunneling mechanism where direct tunneling is followed by resonant tunneling mechanism through ZnS nanocrystal at lower applied bias voltages. Stimulation of field emission in Fowler–Nordheim tunneling regime at higher negative bias voltages enables the rectification behavior from the ZnS nanorod or nanowire. Absence of rectification from the ZnS nanodot is associated with spherical shape where the field emission becomes less significant. Realizing functional electronic component from such shape dependent single ZnS nanocrystal may provide a means in realizing nanocrystal based miniaturized devices.