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Shape Control of Multivalent 3D Colloidal Particles via Interference Lithography

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posted on 2020-04-02, 15:13 authored by Ji-Hyun Jang, Chaitanya K. Ullal, Steven E. Kooi, Koh, Edwin L. Thomas
We present a new route for the fabrication of highly nonspherical complex multivalent submicron particles. This technique exploits the ability of holographic interference lithography to control geometrical elements such as symmetry and volume fraction in 3D lattices on the submicron scale. Colloidal particles with prescribed complex concave shapes are obtained by cleaving low volume fraction connected structures fabricated by interference lithography. Controlling which Wyckoff sites in the space group of the parent structure are connected assures specific “valencies” of the particles. Two types of particles, 2D “4-valent” and 3D “6-valent” particles are fabricated via this technique. In addition to being able to control multivalent particle shape, this technique has the potential to provide tight control over size, yield, and dispersity.