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Sequential Multiscale Simulation of a Filtering Facepiece for Prediction of Filtration Efficiency and Resistance in Varied Particulate Scenarios

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posted on 21.11.2021, 17:03 by Kyeongeun Lee, Yeon-Woo Jung, Hanjou Park, Dongmi Kim, Jooyoun Kim
This study explores a novel approach of multiscale modeling and simulation to characterize the filtration behavior of a facepiece in varied particulate conditions. Sequential multiscale modeling was performed for filter media, filtering facepiece, and testing setup. The developed virtual models were validated for their morphological characteristics and filtration performance by comparing with the data from the physical experiments. Then, a virtual test was conducted in consideration of a time scale, simulating diverse particulate environments with different levels of particle size distribution, particle concentration, and face velocity. An environment with small particles and high mass concentration resulted in a rapid buildup of resistance, reducing the service life. Large particles were accumulated mostly at the entrance of the filter layer, resulting in a lower penetration and slower buildup of resistance. This study is significant in that the adopted virtual approach enables the prediction of filtration behavior and service life, applying diverse environmental conditions without involving the costs of extra setups for the physical experiments. This study demonstrates a novel and economic research method that can be effectively applied to the research and development of filters.