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Sequential Difunctionalization of 2‑Iodobiphenyls by Exploiting the Reactivities of a Palladacycle and an Acyclic Arylpalladium Species

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posted on 25.04.2016, 21:03 by Dushen Chen, Guangfa Shi, Hang Jiang, Yu Zhang, Yanghui Zhang
A novel sequential difunctionalization reaction of 2-iodobiphenyl has been developed by exploiting the distinct reactivities of a palladacycle and an acyclic arylpalladium species. In this tandem reaction, an in situ formed dibenzopalladacyclopentadiene reacts selectively with an alkyl halide, after which the thus formed acyclic arylpalladium species selectively undergoes a Heck reaction with an alkene. This work demonstrates the strong relationship between the coordination mode of a transition metal complex and its reactivity, which could shed light on the mechanisms of other transition-metal-catalyzed reactions and offer the opportunity to develop other synthetically enabling organic transformations.