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Sequence-Encoded Macromolecules with Increased Data Storage Capacity through a Thiol-Epoxy Reaction

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posted on 30.04.2021, 19:09 by Matthieu Soete, Chiel Mertens, Resat Aksakal, Nezha Badi, Filip Du Prez
Sequence-encoded oligo­(thioether urethane)­s with two different coding monomers per backbone unit were prepared via a solid phase, two-step iterative protocol based on thiolactone chemistry. The first step of the synthetic cycle consists of the thiolactone ring opening with a primary amine, whereby the in situ released thiol is immediately reacted with an epoxide. In the second step, the thiolactone group is reinstalled to initiate the next cycle. This strategy allows to introduce two different coding monomers per synthetic cycle, rendering the resulting macromolecules especially attractive in the area of (macro)­molecular data storage because of their increased data storage capacity. Subsequently, the efficiency of the herein reported synthesis route and the applicability of the dual-encoded sequence-defined macromolecules as a potential data storage platform have been demonstrated by unraveling the exact monomer order using tandem mass spectrometry techniques.