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Sense and Release: A Thiol-Responsive Flavonol-Based Photonically Driven Carbon Monoxide-Releasing Molecule That Operates via a Multiple-Input AND Logic Gate

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posted on 12.10.2020, 19:08 by Livia S. Lazarus, Hector J. Esquer, Abby D. Benninghoff, Lisa M. Berreau
Molecular structures capable of intra­cellular information processing that couple responses from bio­marker signals to the release of drug molecules represent intelligent delivery systems. Herein we report a chemo­photonically driven, sense-of-logic carbon monoxide-releasing molecule (SL-photo­CORM). This extended flavonol motif operates via an AND logic gate by first sensing the cellular environment via detection of thiols and then releasing CO when triggered with visible light and O2. Overall, this approach couples the detection of a cellular redox biomarker with the ability to release a small-molecule gaso­transmitter known to trigger pathways involved in pro- and anti-inflammatory effects in a dose-dependent manner. Significantly, the fluorescence properties of the flavonol-based SL-photo­CORM produce a series of chemo­photonic input responses via two photo­chromatic switches (blue-to-green and green-to-colorless), leading to track­ability and spatio­temporal control of CO release. Examination of the O2 requirements of the CO release step revealed that the SL-photo­CORM is suitable for use under conditions of variable cellular levels of O2. These combined properties within a single-molecular framework advance the field of CO-releasing molecules by providing feedback on the diversity and complexity of the cellular environment prior to CO release.