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Semisynthesis and Quantitative Structure−Activity Relationship (QSAR) Study of Novel Aromatic Esters of 4′-Demethyl-4-deoxypodophyllotoxin as Insecticidal Agents

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posted on 09.09.2009, 00:00 by Hui Xu, Juanjuan Wang, Huijun Sun, Min Lv, Xuan Tian, Xiaojun Yao, Xing Zhang
By using podophyllotoxin as a phytoinsecticidal lead compound, 15 novel aromatic esters of 4′-demethyl-4-deoxypodophyllotoxin were semisynthesized and preliminarily tested for their insecticidal activity against the pre-third-instar larvae of Mythimna separata Walker in vivo for the first time. Among all of the tested compounds, especially two compounds, 4m and 4o, containing a pyridinyl group, for which final corrected mortality rates against M. separata at 1 mg/mL were 62.9 and 59.2%, respectively, showed the most promising and pronounced insecticidal activity as compared with toosendanin, a commercial insecticide derived from Melia azedarach. The quantitative structure−activity relationships (QSAR) of compounds 4a4o showed that the relative number of benzene rings and final heat of formation were very important descriptors to their insecticidal activity.