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Self-Assembly of Supra-amphiphiles Based on Dual Charge-Transfer Interactions: From Nanosheets to Nanofibers

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posted on 24.07.2012, 00:00 authored by Kai Liu, Yuxing Yao, Yu Liu, Chao Wang, Zhibo Li, Xi Zhang
With the elaborate engineering of supra-amphiphiles based on dual charge-transfer interactions, the rational design and programmable transformation of well-defined 1D and 2D nanostructures have been demonstrated. First, H-shaped supra-amphiphiles are successfully obtained on the basis of the directional charge-transfer interactions of naphthalene diimide and naphthalene, which self-assemble in water to form 2D nanosheets. Second, by complexation of the H-shaped supra-amphiphiles with pyrene derivatives, the 2D nanosheets transform into ultralong 1D nanofibers. Therefore, this line of research represents a successful example of supramolecular engineering and has enriched its realm.