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Self-Assembly of Rectangles and Prisms via a Molecular “Clip”

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posted on 2005-10-31, 00:00 authored by Duckhyun Kim, Jong Hyub Paek, Moo-Jin Jun, Jin Yong Lee, Sang Ook Kang, Jaejung Ko
Aromatic molecular “clips” bearing two symmetrically bound platinum moieties have been prepared. The molecular “clip” 4 readily self-assembled with linear linkers such as 4,4‘-bipyridyl, 1,4-bis[2-(4-isocyano-3,5-diisopropylphenyl)ethynyl]benzene, and nicotinic acid to form molecular rectangles. The overall dimensions of the rectangle 7 were 7.3 Å × 15.3 Å. The molecular “clip” also self-assembled with tritopic pyridyl and isocyanide ligands to form trigonal prismatic frameworks. The characterization of the supramolecules by multinuclear NMR, electrospray mass spectrometry, and X-ray crystal structures is also reported.