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Self-Organized Ferroelectric Domains Controlled by a Constant Bias from the Atomic Force Microscopy Tip

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posted on 05.11.2018, 00:00 by He Ma, Guoliang Yuan, Tom Wu, Yaojin Wang, Jun-Ming Liu
The ferroelectric polarization switching along an external electric field is most important for the applications of ferroelectric memories and piezoelectric sensors and actuators; however, the depolarization commonly occurs randomly and cannot be controlled exactly until now. Here, a tip bias introduces the polarization switching and a ∼10 μm-scale domain in a triglycine sulfate crystal, and then the polarization backswitching as a special depolarization introduces a series of ordered granular domains along a line being parallel to the c axis and through the tip which divides the original domain to two similar parts. Such backswitching is controlled by the surface charge change as a result of the interplay among polarization charges, mobile H+ ions at the surface, and the strong crystal anisotropy. The self-organized ferroelectric domains offer us a new freedom to design novel ferroelectric or piezoelectric devices in future.