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Self-Limiting Opto-Electrochemical Thinning of Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides

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posted on 2021-12-01, 19:33 authored by Suichu Huang, Jingang Li, Jie Fang, Hongru Ding, Wentao Huang, Xuezeng Zhao, Yuebing Zheng
Two-dimensional monolayer and few-layer transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) are promising for advanced electronic and photonic applications due to their extraordinary optoelectronic and mechanical properties. However, it has remained challenging to produce high-quality TMD thin films with controlled thickness and desired micropatterns, which are essential for their practical implementation in functional devices. In this work, a self-limiting opto-electrochemical thinning (sOET) technique is developed for on-demand thinning and patterning of TMD flakes at high efficiency. Benefiting from optically enhanced electrochemical reactions, sOET features a low operational optical power density of down to 70 μW μm–2 to avoid photodamage and thermal damage to the thinned TMD flakes. Through selective optical excitation with different laser wavelengths based on the thickness-dependent band gaps of TMD materials, sOET enables precise control over the final thickness of TMD flakes. With the capability of thickness control and site-specific patterning, our sOET offers an effective route to fabricating high-quality TMD materials for a broad range of applications in nanoelectronics, nanomechanics, and nanophotonics.