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Self-Healing Graphene-Templated Platinum–Nickel Oxide Heterostructures for Overall Water Splitting

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posted on 2022-01-14, 14:05 authored by Sangmin Jeong, Hien Duy Mai, Ki-Hun Nam, Cheol-Min Park, Ki-Joon Jeon
Electrocatalysts with dramatically enhanced water splitting efficiency, derived from controlled structures, phase transitions, functional activation, etc., have been developed recently. Herein, we report an in situ observation of graphene-based self-healing, in which this functional activation is induced by a redox reaction. Specifically, graphene on stainless steel (SUS) switches between graphene (C–C) and graphene oxide (C–O) coordination via an electrical redox reaction to activate water splitting. A heterostructure comprising Pt-NiO thin films on single-layer graphene directly grown on a SUS substrate (Pt-NiO/Gr-SUS) was also synthesized by electrodeposition. Pt-NiO/Gr-SUS exhibited water splitting activity with low Pt loading (<1 wt %). The findings provide valuable insight for designing robust electrodes based on reversible redox-induced self-healable graphene to develop more efficient catalysts.