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Self-Assembly of Ultralong Aligned Dipeptide Single Crystals

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journal contribution
posted on 25.09.2017, 00:00 by Bingbing Sun, Qi Li, Hans Riegler, Stephan Eickelmann, Luru Dai, Yang Yang, Rodrigo Perez-Garcia, Yi Jia, Guoxiang Chen, Jinbo Fei, Krister Holmberg, Junbai Li
Oriented arrangement of single crystals plays a key role in improving the performance of their functional devices. Herein we describe a method for the exceptionally fast fabrication (mm/min) of ultralong aligned dipeptide single crystals (several centimeters). It combines an induced nucleation step with a continuous withdrawal of substrate, leading to specific evaporation/composition conditions at a three-phase contact line, which makes the growth process controllable. These aligned dipeptide fibers possess a uniform cross section with active optical waveguiding properties that can be used as waveguiding materials. The approach provides guidance for the controlled arrangement of organic single crystals, a family of materials with considerable potential applications in large-scale functional devices.