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Selective Sensing of Metalloproteins from Nonselective Binding Using a Fluorogenic Amphiphilic Polymer

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posted on 23.08.2006, 00:00 by Britto S. Sandanaraj, Robert Demont, Sivakumar V. Aathimanikandan, Elamprakash N. Savariar, S. Thayumanavan
Nonconjugated fluorogenic amphiphilic polymers containing an anthracene chromophore exhibit fluorescence quenching in the presence of metalloproteins, although the binding of the polymer to proteins is not selective. The reason for this difference is that the possible conformational changes that protein binding could bring about on a polymer do not affect the fluorescence properties of a pendent chromophore in nonconjugated polymers. This is in contrast to the nonspecific binding and response found with conjugated polymers to proteins.