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Seafood Identification in Multispecies Products: Assessment of 16SrRNA, cytb, and COI Universal Primers’ Efficiency as a Preliminary Analytical Step for Setting up Metabarcoding Next-Generation Sequencing Techniques

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posted on 14.03.2017, 00:00 by Alice Giusti, Lara Tinacci, Carmen G. Sotelo, Martina Marchetti, Alessandra Guidi, Wenjie Zheng, Andrea Armani
Few studies applying NGS have been conducted in the food inspection field, particularly on multispecies seafood products. A preliminary study screening the performance and the potential application in NGS analysis of 14 “universal primers” amplifying 16SrRNA, cytb, and COI genes in fish and cephalopods was performed. Species used in surimi preparation were chosen as target. An in silico analysis was conducted to test primers’ coverage capacity by assessing mismatches (number and position) with the target sequences. The 9 pairs showing the best coverage capacity were tested in PCR on DNA samples of 53 collected species to assess their amplification performance (amplification rate and amplicon concentration). The results confirm that primers designed for the 16SrRNA gene amplification are the most suitable for NGS analysis also for identification of multispecies seafood products. In particular, the primer pair of Chapela et al. (2002) is the best candidate.