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Screening of DNA Aptamers against Myoglobin Using a Positive and Negative Selection Units Integrated Microfluidic Chip and Its Biosensing Application

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posted on 2014-07-01, 00:00 authored by Qing Wang, Wei Liu, Yuqian Xing, Xiaohai Yang, Kemin Wang, Rui Jiang, Pei Wang, Qing Zhao
An aptamer screening method using a positive and negative selection units integrated microfluidic chip was introduced. Here, myoglobin (Myo), one of the early markers to increase after acute myocardial infarction, was used as the model. After 7-round selection, the aptamers, which exhibited dissociation constants (Kd) in the nanomolar range (from 4.93 to 6.38 nM), were successfully obtained using a positive and negative selection units integrated microfluidic chip. The aptamer with the highest affinity (Kd = 4.93 nM) was then used for the fabrication of a label-free supersandwich electrochemical biosensor for Myo detection based on target-induced aptamer displacement. The detection limit of this aptamer-based electrochemical biosensor was 10 pM, which was significantly lower than that of those previous antibody-based biosensors for Myo detection. This work may not only develop a strategy for screening aptamer but also offer promising alternatives to the traditional analytical and immunological methods for Myo detection.