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Scalable Manufacturing of Plasmonic Nanodisk Dimers and Cusp Nanostructures Using Salting-out Quenching Method and Colloidal Lithography

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posted on 26.07.2011, 00:00 by Bala Krishna Juluri, Neetu Chaturvedi, Qingzhen Hao, Mengqian Lu, Darrell Velegol, Lasse Jensen, Tony Jun Huang
Localization of large electric fields in plasmonic nanostructures enables various processes such as single-molecule detection, higher harmonic light generation, and control of molecular fluorescence and absorption. High-throughput, simple nanofabrication techniques are essential for implementing plasmonic nanostructures with large electric fields for practical applications. In this article we demonstrate a scalable, rapid, and inexpensive fabrication method based on the salting-out quenching technique and colloidal lithography for the fabrication of two types of nanostructures with large electric field: nanodisk dimers and cusp nanostructures. Our technique relies on fabricating polystyrene doublets from single beads by controlled aggregation and later using them as soft masks to fabricate metal nanodisk dimers and nanocusp structures. Both of these structures have a well-defined geometry for the localization of large electric fields comparable to structures fabricated by conventional nanofabrication techniques. We also show that various parameters in the fabrication process can be adjusted to tune the geometry of the final structures and control their plasmonic properties. With advantages in throughput, cost, and geometric tunability, our fabrication method can be valuable in many applications that require plasmonic nanostructures with large electric fields.