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Satisfactory Anti-Interference and High Performance of the 1Co–1Ce/Mn@ZSM‑5 Catalyst for Simultaneous Removal of NO and Hg0 in Abominable Flue Gas

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posted on 2022-02-23, 19:37 authored by Huawei Zhang, Zishun Li, Ting Liu, Mingzhu Zhang, Shengnan Deng, Yincui Li, Peng Liang
The removal performance of NO and Hg0, the operating temperature window, and the resistance of SO2 and H2O on Mn@ZSM-5 catalyst, which was synthesized by a one-step hydrothermal method with manganese oxide as the active component, were improved by doping different molar ratios of Co/Ce. Co and Ce doping increased the content of Mn4+ as well as of chemisorbed oxygen and promoted the NO and Hg0 removal performance, which reached 96.7 and 98.9%, respectively, in flue gas over the 1Co–1Ce/Mn@ZSM-5 catalyst. Furthermore, with SO2 and H2O addition, it decreased slightly to 88.4 and 89.3%, respectively, and then remained stable. The coexistence of SO2 and H2O had a synergistic poisoning effect on the activity of the catalyst, while the doping of Co and Ce had a positive influence on the tolerance to SO2 and H2O. The excellent anti-interference and high performance of the 1Co–1Ce/Mn@ZSM-5 catalyst in the abominable flue gas were mainly due to the outer surface modification of organosilane and because the sacrificial element Co protected the active sites of Ce and Mn from poisoning, which prevented the redox ability of the catalyst from getting affected.