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Ruthenium Dihydride RuH2(PPh3)2((R,R)-cyclohexyldiamine) and Ruthenium Monohydride RuHCl(PPh3)2((R,R)-cyclohexyldiamine):  Active Catalyst and Catalyst Precursor for the Hydrogenation of Ketones and Imines

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posted on 2000-06-09, 00:00 authored by Kamaluddin Abdur-Rashid, Alan J. Lough, Robert H. Morris
The new monohydride RuHCl(PPh3)2(R,R-cydn), with base added, and dihydride RuH2(PPh3)2(R,R-cydn), in the absence of base, catalyze the hydrogenation of a wide variety of ketones and some imines at 3 atm of H2 and 20 °C with high turnover numbers. The mechanism is thought to involve the concerted dihydrogen transfer from cis hydride and N−H groups to the substrate followed by heterolytic dihydrogen splitting.