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Ru Nanoworms Loaded TiO2 for Their Catalytic Performances toward CO Oxidation

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posted on 20.01.2021, 15:19 by Caihong Fang, Xiaomin Jiang, Jinwu Hu, Jiaojiao Song, Na Sun, Deliang Zhang, Long Kuai
Ruthenium nanocrystals with small size and special morphology are of great interest in various catalytic reactions due to their high activities. However, it is still a great challenge to downsize these nanocatalysts to a sub-nano scale (<2 nm). Herein, we reported a synthesis of ultrasmall size and uniform Ru nanoparticles through a rapid one-pot method. The prepared Ru nanocrystal shows a wormlike shape, in which the diameter is as thin as 1.6 ± 0.3 nm and the length is 13.6 ± 4.4 nm. These Ru nanoworms (NWs) are quite steady during the synthetic process even though the reaction time was further prolonged. We also examined their catalytic activity toward CO oxidation by loading Ru NWs on TiO2 to form Ru NWs/TiO2 catalysts. These catalysts exhibit a high activity of 100% CO conversion at 150 °C, which is much lower than the normal Ru NPs/TiO2 nanostructures. Based on our detailed investigations, we proposed that the small size, special morphology, and TiO2 support are the keys for their significantly improved catalytic activity. We believed that these reasonable discoveries provide a methodology and opportunity to get highly active catalysts for CO oxidation by a detailed increase in their active sites.