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Room-Temperature Ferromagnetism in Antiferromagnetic Cobalt Oxide Nanooctahedra

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posted on 12.02.2014, 00:00 by Nerio Fontaíña-Troitiño, Sara Liébana-Viñas, Benito Rodríguez-González, Zi-An Li, Marina Spasova, Michael Farle, Verónica Salgueiriño
Cobalt oxide octahedra were synthesized by thermal decomposition. Each octahedron-shaped nanoparticle consists of an antiferromagnetic CoO core enclosed by eight {111} facets interfaced to a thin (∼4 nm) surface layer of strained Co3O4. The nearly perfectly octahedral shaped particles with 20, 40, and 85 nm edge length show a weak room-temperature ferromagnetism that can be attributed to ferromagnetic correlations appearing due to strained lattice configurations at the CoO/Co3O4 interface.