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Room Temperature Electrodeposition of Molybdenum Sulfide for Catalytic and Photoluminescence Applications

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posted on 2013-09-24, 00:00 authored by Sankaran Murugesan, Arunkumar Akkineni, Brendan P. Chou, Micah S. Glaz, David A. Vanden Bout, Keith J. Stevenson
An elegant method for the electrodeposition of MoS2 thin films using room temperature ionic liquids (RTIL) as an electrolyte was developed. Simple molecular precursors of Mo and S were added in different concentrations to tune the composition and deposition process. The electrodeposition of MoS2 was confirmed with both Raman spectroscopy and XPS. Analysis showed that the electrodeposited MoS2 films form a flower shape morphology with edge active sites that promote the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). Furthermore, this technique enables selective tuning of the film thickness and demonstrates high photoluminescence activity with a decrease in the number of layers.