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Robust Wavelength-Converting and Lasing Media from Wafer-Scale Inorganic Perovskites Enabled by a Protective Surface Layer

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posted on 07.04.2020, 09:29 by Yinjuan Ren, Weihua Wang, Ziming Wang, Siyang Xia, Yue Wang
Despite the fact that the inorganic halide perovskites show great promise in wavelength conversion and lasing applications, the stability and scalability remain as the obstruction toward practical applications. Herein, we, for the first time, employ the wafer-scale inorganic perovskite single crystals to address the above issue. Our spectroscopic analysis reveals that the carrier trapping on the crystal surface is the most probable culprit to hinder the optical amplification for the weak-penetrating one-photon pumping, while the interior of the crystal preserves intact and show low-threshold stimulated emission by two-photon absorption in the near-infrared regime. Thanks to the effective protection from the surface layer, the stimulated emission maintains 90% of the initial intensity upon uninterrupted pumping of 4 h and shows nearly constant threshold upon long-term storage without any encapsulation (>1 year). By exploiting a parallel mirror cavity, an optically pumped wavelength-converting and laser device featuring a spatially coherent output beam is constructed. Our finding greatly advances the development of practical coherent light sources based on halide perovskites.