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Robust Co9S8@CdIn2S4 Cage for Efficient Photocatalytic H2 Evolution

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posted on 2021-03-02, 14:03 authored by Taraka Prabhu Yendrapati, Jella Soumya, Sreedhar Bojja, Ujjwal Pal
We construct here a highly active and stable Co9S8@CdIn2S4 heterostructure for photocatalytic H2 evolution under visible light. In a hierarchical hollow construction with closely connected heterogeneous shells, two photoactive sulfide semiconductors are incorporated rationally. This unique architecture can efficiently allow photoinduced charges to be separated and transferred and provide a broad surface area and exposure of rich sites for photocatalytic redox reactions. The Co9S8@CdIn2S4 hierarchical hollow heterostructure shows enhanced light-harvesting ability and remarkable catalytic activity because of its distinctive structural and compositional advantages. The photocatalyst shows a high hydrogen evolution rate of 4604 μmol h–1 g–1 without any noble metal as a cocatalyst under 1.5 AM simulated light irradiation. In this work, using the two-dimensional ultrathin subunits with distinct structural and compositional benefits, we show how this material can be interfaced successfully to give intriguing photophysical properties.