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Rhodium Porphyrin Catalyzed Regioselective Transfer Hydrogenolysis of C–C σ‑Bonds in Cyclopropanes with iPrOH

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posted on 13.06.2019, 12:38 by Chen Chen, Shiyu Feng, Kin Shing Chan
A new rhodium porphyrin catalyzed regioselective transfer hydrogenolysis of both activated and unactivated cyclopropanes employing iPrOH as the hydrogen source was discovered. The reaction mechanism for the C–C σ-bond activation of cyclopropanes was identified through an initial radical substitution with rhodium­(II) metalloporphyrin radical to give a rhodium porphyrin alkyl, followed by hydrogenolysis with iPrOH to give the corresponding acyclic alkanes and regenerate rhodium­(II) metalloporphyrin radical.