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Rhenium(III) and Rhenium(V) Complexes That Contain the (C6F5NCH2CH2)3N Ligand

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journal contribution
posted on 09.01.1996, 00:00 by Brigitte Neuner, Richard R. Schrock
The reaction between [Et4N]2[ReOCl5] and (C6F5NHCH2CH2)3N in THF at room temperature in the presence of NEt3 yielded air-stable emerald green diamagnetic [(C6F5NCH2CH2)2NCH2CH2NHC6F5]Re(O)Cl (1). The reaction between 1 and Ta(CH-t-Bu)(THF)2Br3 gave paramagnetic {[(C6F5NCH2CH2)3N]ReBr}Br (2). Reduction of 2 by methyllithium under dinitrogen gave diamagnetic [(C6F5NCH2CH2)3N]Re(N2), under carbon monoxide gave [(C6F5NCH2CH2)3N]Re(CO), under dihydrogen gave [(C6F5NCH2CH2)3N]ReH2, and under ethylene gave [(C6F5NCH2CH2)3N]Re(C2H4).