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Rh-Catalyzed Base-Free Decarbonylative Borylation of Twisted Amides

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posted on 30.10.2020, 12:58 by Fusheng Bie, Xuejing Liu, Yijun Shi, Han Cao, Ying Han, Michal Szostak, Chengwei Liu
We report the rhodium-catalyzed base-free decarbonylative borylation of twisted amides. The synthesis of versatile arylboronate esters from aryl twisted amides is achieved via decarbonylative rhodium­(I) catalysis and highly selective N–C­(O) insertion. The method is notable for a very practical, additive-free Rh­(I) catalyst system. The method shows broad functional group tolerance and excellent substrate scope, including site-selective decarbonylative borylation/Heck cross-coupling via divergent N–C/C–Br cleavage and late-stage pharmaceutical borylation.