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Reviving Galvanic Cells To Synthesize Core–Shell Nanoparticles with a Quasi-Monolayer Pt Shell for Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction

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posted on 11.12.2019, 18:03 authored by Xiaoming Wang, Yuki Orikasa, Minoru Inaba, Yoshiharu Uchimoto
The use of core–shell nanoparticles composed of metal core (Mc, representing Pd, Au, Ru, etc.) and quasi-monolayer Pt shell (Ptqms) facilitates the achievement of cost and activity targets in many important electrocatalytic energy-conversion processes, such as the oxygen-reduction reaction (ORR). Here, inspired by the principle of galvanic cells, we report a generalized spontaneous strategy involving the growth of Cu on Mc ((−) bulk Cu(s) | Cu2+(c) | monolayer Cu/M(s) (+)) and the displacement of Cu by Pt (Cu + PtCl42– = Pt + Cu2+ + 4Cl) to synthesize McPtqms. Exemplified by PdcPtqms, we demonstrate that this method requires no special control, electrochemical equipment, or reducing/stabilizing agents, which allows for the scalable preparation of McPtqms. Meanwhile, it is able to produce homogeneous Ptqms, leading to high electrocatalytic activity for the ORR. This work paves the way for the practical application of McPtqms in electrocatalytic and related fields.