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Reversible Visible-Light Tuning of Self-Organized Helical Superstructures Enabled by Unprecedented Light-Driven Axially Chiral Molecular Switches

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posted on 22.02.2012, 00:00 by Yan Wang, Augustine Urbas, Quan Li
Two enantiomeric light-driven azo molecular switches with axial chirality and extended conjugation were found to exhibit unprecedented reversible photoisomerization in both organic-solvent and liquid-crystal media only upon visible-light irradiation. When doped in an achiral liquid crystal with a different concentration, the chiral switch was able either to immediately induce an optically tunable helical superstructure or to retain an achiral liquid-crystal phase whose helical superstructure was induced and tuned reversibly upon visible-light irradiation. Furthermore, reversible dynamic red, green, and blue reflection achieved only by using visible light was demonstrated.