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Reversible Nontoxic Thermochromic Microcapsules

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posted on 14.02.2020, 15:03 by Bingxin Liu, Alicia Rasines Mazo, Paul A. Gurr, Greg G. Qiao
Thermochromic materials exhibit a color change in response to a change in temperature. Creating nontoxic microcapsules containing thermochromic materials for applications in ink and film materials is historically challenging. In this study, we develop a nontoxic chlorophenol red (CPR)–water thermochromic system and its microcapsules with silicone shells via a reaction between water and octadecyltrichlorosilane (OTS) at the interface of a w/o emulsion. The obtained microcapsules exhibit a clear color change with full reversibility and are successfully used as inks by screen printing and as additives in films. Nontoxicity of both microcapsules and films is demonstrated through cell cytotoxicity assays. These features make these novel materials applicable to the next generation of intelligent sensors, coating, and food packaging materials.