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Reversible Binding of Multivalent Ions by Surfactant Self-Assembly

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posted on 16.02.2005, 00:00 by Johan P. A. Custers, Peter Kelemen, Leo J. P. van den Broeke, Martien A. Cohen Stuart, Jos T. F. Keurentjes
High molecular weight nonionic surfactants have been chemically modified to bind multivalent ions reversibly by using a moderate temperature stimulus as an on/off mechanism. Only above the critical micellization temperature (CMT) does binding of multivalent ions take place, whereas below the CMT, no binding occurs to the free surfactant molecules. Different calorimetric techniques have been used to prove the reversible binding of multivalent ions. This tunable binding of multivalent metal ions allows for the improvement of many ion-exchange processes and offers attractive opportunities in the biomedical field.