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Reveal and Control of Chiral Cathodoluminescence at Subnanoscale

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posted on 20.12.2017, 00:00 by Tianyang Han, Shuai Zu, Ziwei Li, Meiling Jiang, Xing Zhu, Zheyu Fang
Circularly polarized light is crucial for the modern physics research. Highly integrated nanophotonic device further requires the control of circularly polarized light at subnanoscale. Here, we report the tuning of chiral cathodoluminescence (CL) on single Au nanostructure under electron stimulation. The detected CL helicity is found ultrasensitive with the electron impinging position on the structure, and a helicity switch is achieved within a 1.86 nm electron-beam movement, which is applied to construct ternary notation sequence. The proposed configuration provides a delicate platform for the CL helicity control, which opens a way for the future chiral applications at subnanoscale like information coding and quantum communication.