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Restricted Rotation about the P−C Bond in the Triorganosilane {4-t-Bu-2,6-[P(O)(O-i-Pr)2]2C6H2}SiPh2H:  Identification of a Novel Rotamer and Its Conversion to the Siliconium Salt {4-t-Bu-2,6-[P(O)(O-i-Pr)2]2C6H2}SiPh2+PF6-

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posted on 28.02.2005, 00:00 by Kai Dannappel, Markus Schürmann, Burkhard Costisella, Klaus Jurkschat
The syntheses and structures of the [4 + 1]-coordinated triorganosilane {4-t-Bu-2,6-[P(O)(O-i-Pr)2]2-C6H2}SiPh2H (5) and of the intramolecularly coordinated triorganosiliconium hexafluorophosphate {4-t-Bu-2,6-[P(O)(O-i-Pr)2]2C6H2}SiPh2+PF6- (6) are reported. In the solid state, compound 5 adopts a rotameric form that differs from those found for {4-t-Bu-2,6-[P(O)(OEt)2]2-C6H2}SiPh2R (R = Ph, H).