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Regioselectivity-Switchable Catalytic Annulations of Alkynyl α‑Diketones and α‑Cyanoketones

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journal contribution
posted on 03.12.2019, 19:33 by Sakkani Nagaraju, Shuhua Liu, Jinggong Liu, Shuang Yang, Rui Liu, Zhizhou Chen, Banoth Paplal, Xinqiang Fang
Regioselectivity-switchable reactions hold irreplaceable importance in the construction of diversified architectures. In this work, Brønsted base-catalyzed regioselectivity-switchable annulations between alkynyl α-diketones and α-cyanoketones have been achieved for the first time, delivering a series of skeletally thoroughly different dihydrofurofuran and furan derivatives. A range of novel transformations of the products can be realized. The work also demonstrates the unique features of alkynyl α-diketone chemistry, which are in sharp contrast to the current understanding of ynone-related chemistry.