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Regioselective Green Electrochemical Approach to the Synthesis of Nitroacetaminophen Derivatives

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posted on 02.10.2015, 00:00 by Eslam Salahifar, Davood Nematollahi, Mehdi Bayat, Amir Mahyari, Hadi Amiri Rudbari
A regioselective green synthesis of nitroacetaminophen derivatives was carried out by electrochemical oxidation of acetaminophen, N-(2-hydroxyphenyl)­acetamide, and 1-(4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)­piperazin-1-yl)­ethanone in the presence of nitrite ion as a nucleophile. The present work has led to the development of a reagentless green and facile electrochemical method for the synthesis of some nitroacetaminophen derivatives.