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Reduction of CC Double Bonds by Hydrazine Using Active Carbons as Metal-Free Catalysts

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posted on 07.03.2018, 00:00 authored by Juan Carlos Espinosa, Sergio Navalon, Mercedes Alvaro, Amarajothi Dhakshinamoorthy, Hermenegildo Garcia
A series of active carbons with or without chemical oxidation by nitric acid have been prepared, and their activity was evaluated as metal-free catalysts for the CC double bond hydrogenation using hydrazine as reducing agent in the presence of oxygen. It was observed that an optimal treatment by nitric acid results in a sample with enhanced catalytic activity that is superior to that measured under the same conditions for the other carbon materials. Kinetic data suggest that the active sites in the process could be quinone/hydroquinone type redox centers introduced in the oxidative treatment of AC by nitric acid. Nitric acid-oxidized active carbon has a wide substrate scope and also exhibits a chemoselective CC hydrogenation with respect to nitro group reduction compared to conventional Pd/C catalyst.