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Redox-Responsive, Reconfigurable All-Liquid Constructs

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journal contribution
posted on 2021-03-03, 20:05 authored by Huilou Sun, Mingwei Li, Lianshun Li, Tan Liu, Yuzheng Luo, Thomas P. Russell, Shaowei Shi
Using host–guest chemistries in a biphasic system, a novel supramolecular nanoparticle surfactant (s-NPS) with redox-responsiveness is presented to structure liquids. The in situ assembly/jamming and disassembly/unjamming of s-NPSs at the oil–water interface are reversibly controlled by a switchable redox process, imparting a nanoscale redox-responsiveness, affecting the assemblies on all length scales. “Smart” all-liquid constructs including structured emulsions and programmable liquid devices are easily prepared, showing promising applications in responsive delivery, release, and reaction systems.