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Redox-Neutral P(O)–N Coupling between P(O)–H Compounds and Azides via Dual Copper and Photoredox Catalysis

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posted on 2020-07-10, 19:52 authored by Yanan Wu, Ken Chen, Xia Ge, Panpan Ma, Zhiyuan Xu, Hongjian Lu, Guigen Li
We report a redox-neutral P­(O)–N coupling reaction of P­(O)–H compounds with azides via photoredox and copper catalysis, providing new access to useful phosphinamides, phosphonamides, and phosphoramides. This transformation tolerates a wide range of nucleophilic functionalities including alcohol and amine nucleophiles, which makes up for the deficiency of classical nitrogen nucleophilic substitution reactions. As a demonstration of the broad potential applications of this new methodology, late-stage functionalization of a diverse array of azido-bearing natural products and drug molecules, a preliminary asymmetric reaction, and a continuous visible-light photoflow process have been developed.