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Reconfigurable Pinwheel Artificial-Spin-Ice and Superconductor Hybrid Device

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posted on 2020-11-30, 15:35 authored by Yang-Yang Lyu, Xiaoyu Ma, Jing Xu, Yong-Lei Wang, Zhi-Li Xiao, Sining Dong, Boldizsar Janko, Huabing Wang, Ralu Divan, John E. Pearson, Peiheng Wu, Wai-Kwong Kwok
The ability to control the potential landscape in a medium of interacting particles could lead to intriguing collective behavior and innovative functionalities. Here, we utilize spatially reconfigurable magnetic potentials of a pinwheel artificial-spin-ice (ASI) structure to tailor the motion of superconducting vortices. The reconstituted chain structures of the magnetic charges in the pinwheel ASI and the strong interaction between magnetic charges and superconducting vortices allow significant modification of the transport properties of the underlying superconducting thin film, resulting in a reprogrammable resistance state that enables a reversible and switchable vortex Hall effect. Our results highlight an effective and simple method of using ASI as an in situ reconfigurable nanoscale energy landscape to design reprogrammable superconducting electronics, which could also be applied to the in situ control of properties and functionalities in other magnetic particle systems, such as magnetic skyrmions.