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Reconfigurable Complementary Monolayer MoTe2 Field-Effect Transistors for Integrated Circuits

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posted on 17.04.2017, 12:52 by Stefano Larentis, Babak Fallahazad, Hema C. P. Movva, Kyounghwan Kim, Amritesh Rai, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Sanjay K. Banerjee, Emanuel Tutuc
Transition metal dichalcogenides are of interest for next generation switches, but the lack of low resistance electron and hole contacts in the same material has hindered the development of complementary field-effect transistors and circuits. We demonstrate an air-stable, reconfigurable, complementary monolayer MoTe2 field-effect transistor encapsulated in hexagonal boron nitride, using electrostatically doped contacts. The introduction of a multigate design with prepatterned bottom contacts allows us to independently achieve low contact resistance and threshold voltage tuning, while also decoupling the Schottky contacts and channel gating. We illustrate a complementary inverter and a p-i-n diode as potential applications.