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Realization of Vertically Aligned, Ultrahigh Aspect Ratio InAsSb Nanowires on Graphite

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posted on 17.12.2015, 08:37 authored by E. A. Anyebe, A. M. Sanchez, S. Hindmarsh, X. Chen, J. Shao, M. K. Rajpalke, T. D. Veal, B. J. Robinson, O. Kolosov, F. Anderson, R. Sundaram, Z. M. Wang, V. Falko, Q. Zhuang
The monolithic integration of InAs1–xSbx semiconductor nanowires on graphitic substrates holds enormous promise for cost-effective, high-performance, and flexible devices in optoelectronics and high-speed electronics. However, the growth of InAs1–xSbx nanowires with high aspect ratio essential for device applications is extremely challenging due to Sb-induced suppression of axial growth and enhancement in radial growth. We report the realization of high quality, vertically aligned, nontapered and ultrahigh aspect ratio InAs1–xSbx nanowires with Sb composition (xSb(%)) up to ∼12% grown by indium-droplet assisted molecular beam epitaxy on graphite substrate. Low temperature photoluminescence measurements show that the InAs1–xSbx nanowires exhibit bright band-to-band related emission with a distinct redshift as a function of Sb composition providing further confirmation of successful Sb incorporation in as-grown nanowires. This study reveals that the graphite substrate is a more favorable platform for InAs1–xSbx nanowires that could lead to hybrid heterostructures possessing potential device applications in optoelectronics.